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NRI legal services - https://lexlords.com/probate-and-letters-of-administration/. To give another example:- in certain enactments, the District Judges function as Election Tribunals from whose orders a revision or a writ may lie depending upon the provisions in the Act. Section 39 provides for the constitution of a tribunal. which came into force on 2nd November, 1949, is hit by article 14 of the Constitution inasmuch as it mentions no basis for the differential treatment prescribed in the Ordinance for trial of criminals in certain cases and for certain offences Held, that, as the deed did not impose any obligation on the bank or the trustees to grant any pension to any employee, and the pension, even if granted, could be withdrawn and even the rules could be completely altered at will by the company, no valid trust was created even though moneys had been transferred to the trustees, and the sum in NRI Legal Services question could not be said to have been spent for the NRI Legal Services purposes of the business and allowed as a deduction under s.

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